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As an experienced financial advisor with
PEAK Investment Services Inc., I create custom tailored financial strategies that promote your unique objectives and goals in life.

Most of the time, I believe people adapt to change fairly well. However, you may not be fully appreciating the changes to economic conditions. While times are volatile and full of unpredictability, it can lead some individuals to make decisions based on fear or greed. Either one, in my opinion, does not lead to a productive outcome.

If the journey to economic health was simple and risk free, we would not have to think about it. Stay the course and stay informed. Knowledge is power and opens doors to new opportunities for continued success.

The path to financial health and success is a dynamic and interactive process. Communication is vital to keeping your options up-to-date and keeping me abreast as to any changes that have occurred or are pending in the near future. Planning ahead never hurts.

I encourage yearly reviews to ensure your financial plan of action continued to be in sync and has the ability to meet your life stages and/or future goals and aspirations.

For the past 22 years I have helped individuals, families and small businesses reach their financial potential and I look forward to helping you on your own financial path.


Christina Graham BA, BSW, MSW

Christina Graham Financial Services
PEAK Investment Services Inc.
Mutual Fund Representative

Independent Life Insurance Advisor
Financial Advisor
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